Living Reviews’ ePubTk Software on Ubuntu 10.04

Living ReviewsePublishing Toolkit integrates smoothly into Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx.  Successful testing of our open source publication software suite on the new Linux distribution turned out as the easiest installation ever.

The standard setup already provides easy integration of main components used by our pubBuilder module, TeX4Ht and TeX Live are available via apt-get, as are all other additional python packages (see Installation on Ubuntu 10.04).  A recent update of our  software to Python 2.6 made this possible and thus enhanced usability.

The ePubTk is a software package providing tools to help in publishing scientific content on the web.  Its main task is the management of a family of online journals such as Living Reviews, and the conversion of LaTeX based articles in various formats (HTML, PDF) and enrichment by standardized metadata and electronic features.


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